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Frequently asked questions
Do you work alone?

Yes, I do. However do not see that as a disadvantage. Because I am solo, I can put more focus into your unique project!

If the project does end up requiring an extra set of hands, I do have contacts that can help but we will discuss that if it comes to it.

What happens if your camera breaks?

I always bring my secondary camera as a back up in case something should happen!

How long have you been doing this and do you have any qualifications?

I've had a camera in my hands for the best part of 4 years. Even though that is a short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, I have been super efficient during that period.

I have a HND (Higher National Diploma) in Audio Visual Technology and a PDA (Professional Development Award) in Open Broadcasting.

 What are your rates based on?
Favourite location to shoot?!

The rates I have displayed are a rough guide on what to expect. Depending on the project, the price is likely to change just slightly.

Travel is very simple - if I need to drive long distance (2hrs+), need flights, hotel etc then all you are responsible for is direct reimbursement for the charges.

Just get me on that A9 up towards the Isle of Skye and i'll be right as rain.

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