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Plushie Pet Beds

Service // Promotional Video

Output // Facebook, Instagram, Website


Brief // The client wanted a short ad (20 seconds). A video that was captivating and would show off how soft and cosy their pet beds are. Accompanied with a chilled backing track and finally, have their details fading in at the end.


East Fife Football Club

Service // Football Highlights (Film & Edit)

Output // Vimeo (EFTV)

Brief // For this assignment, the client wanted highlights of the East Fife vs Raith Rovers game. The video was to be around 5 - 10 minutes depending on the outcome. They also wanted custom graphics for the scoreboard, starting lineups, goals etc. Finally, the client needed the highlights to be completed within 48 hours to meet demands of the fans.

(Only half of the highlight video can be shown due to copyright) To view full video: Go to
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